5 Reasons To Visit Maui This Fall

When most people think of Hawaiʻi, they think of summer. But did you know that the average temperatures in Maui only go down one degree from August to September each year? So as temperatures drop on the mainland and you’re getting out your fleece and adjusting to pumpkin latté season, your extended summer awaits on the island. Here are some reasons to jump in and enjoy it.

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#1 Beat the crowds and save money

We love that everyone loves Hawaiʻi. We love it, too! But sometimes you want to enjoy the beauty of the island a little more peacefully. That’s why fall is a great time to come! With cheaper flights and hotels and lower crowd levels, you’ll be able to find your own personal slices of paradise. With the money you save on flights and accommodations, you can treat yourself to more mai tais on the beach and perhaps an adventure you might otherwise have to skip!

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#2 Experience an island paradise while your friends experience back-to-school.

As your friends are viewing an endless timeline of “First-day-of-___th grade” photos of kids, you could be posting your “First-day-of-Absolute-Heaven” shots of the natural beauty and wonder of Hawaiʻi. Check out Makena Beach (also referred to as Big Beach) in South Beach, Maui, known for being of the largest, undeveloped beaches in Maui! Visit the unique heart-shaped rock (although it’s more of a heart-shaped hole!) right next to Nakalele Blowhole. Or hike along the Waihee Ridge Trail in the West Maui Mountains for spectacular views. No matter what you do, it’s an unbelievable way to ease into the shorter, darker days of fall.

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#3 The fall Festivals of Aloha.

If you truly want to celebrate, honor and learn more about Hawaiian culture and tradition, come to any of the Festivals of Aloha events this fall. This month-long festival happens every fall all over the state, and you can discover concerts, performances, parades and more in various regions of Maui and on the islands of Lanaʻi and Molokai. The 2019 theme is “E Hoʻi Nā Wai, E Hoʻi ke Aloha i  ke Ao”: May the waters return, may the love for our world return. With our focus on conservation, we believe that this year’s theme is more important than ever!

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#4 View turtle hatchlings while you still can.

You’ll find turtles, or honu, on every island of Hawaiʻi. They can be spotted swimming near the shore, basking in the sun on the sand, or eating algae off the reef. There’s even a stretch of coastline called “Turtle Town” because it is known as the best area to see (but NEVER touch!) turtles while snorkeling. Specifically, you’ll want to visit Maluaka Beach for its calm blue waters and high population of Hawaiian green sea turtles. Nesting season is just coming to a close in October, but some more stubborn hatchlings have been known to come out as late as December. We can’t guarantee that you’ll see hatchlings, but your chances are better if you get here by October, and you’ll have a lot less competition for a great view!

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#5 Poke: get healthy before the Season of Gravy.

We all know what’s coming. Cookies. Candy. Putting gravy on your gravy. The holidays are the season for overindulgence, so why not spend some time getting healthy beforehand? Since Hawaiʻi is famous for its ancient fish ponds, it’s not surprising that it’s also famous for its unique contribution to seafood cuisine: poke (meaning “to cut” in Hawaiian). Pronounced POH-kay or POH-key, this dish now gaining popularity on the mainland is made from raw fish, ground kukui nut meat, seaweed, and Hawaiian salt. From there, variations abound — many restaurants or cafes might serve 5-10 different types of poke, with ingredients like spicy tofu, avocado, green onion, daikon radish and more. The best part of Hawaiian poke? The delicious, buttery, fresh fish that abounds on the islands. And packed full of omega 3 fats, fresh vegetables and healthy fats like avocado, it’s the perfect way to expand your food horizons without expanding your waistline.

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BONUS #6. Add a little adventure to your trip!

Speaking of adventure, if you want to see the best sunrise Maui has to offer, join us on any of our sunrise tours. Depending on your level of adventure, you can join us for an awe-inspiring sunrise over the top of Haleakala National Park and then add ziplining across 90-foot drops and canyons filled with fragrant eucalyptus trees for a real thrill! You can also join us on our Road to Hana tour, which takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip filled with gorgeous waterfalls, black sand beaches and, weather permitting, a dip in a refreshing swimming hole!

Whatever tour you choose, we take care of everything so you can leave all your stress and worry at home. (We do mean everything—food, transportation, and plenty of jokes from our experienced guides.) All you have to do is show up, be amazed, and have fun. Don’t keep dreaming of sand, surf, and sun this fall, make it happen and join us in Hawaiʻi! 

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