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Upcountry Maui's Top 5 Restaurants

Top 5 Upcountry Maui Restaurants

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Upcountry Maui is a place of amazing views, farm fresh food and laid back vibes and is a must see on your vacation to Maui. If you are a foodie and seeking an exceptional culinary experience, here are our top 5 Upcountry Maui restaurants.



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Partner of the Month Mauna Kahalawai Watershed Partnership7 min. readTopics: , , ,
This February, Skyline Eco-Adventures is proud to support Mauna Kahālāwai Watershed Partnership’s efforts and their work at protecting Maui’s watershed.
Partner of the Month Maui Cultural Lands7 min. readTopics: , , ,
We are proud to support Maui Cultural Lands as our Partner of the Month this January!
How Skyline Eco-Adventures Does Good while Having Fun Ecotourism7 min. readTopics: , , , , ,
Skyline Hawaii as a company puts a very heavy focus on the environment. We love and care about the islands we call home and want them to stay beautiful for many generations to come.
How Can You Wipe Out Plastic?7 min. readTopics: ,
Because of how often many of us use plastic, it can feel impossible to stop using it altogether. But it is important to remember that every effort you make to wipe out plastic, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.
Partner of the Month Hawaiian Canoe Club7 min. readTopics: , , ,
The Hawaiian Canoe Club is focused on cultural programs and the perpetuation of Hawaiian values with a commitment to provide a variety of cultural opportunities through paddling to the people of Maui. Learn more.
Big Island's Volcanic Eruption & Its Effect on Us7 min. readTopics: , ,
The Big Island volcano, Kilauea, had a large eruption event on May 3, 2018. Since this event in May, the volcano has added over 700 acres of land to the island.
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