Conserving Hawaii, one zip at a time.

At Skyline, we are conservationists at heart. Since 2002, we have planted over 20,000 native trees, hosted hundreds of community reforestation and ocean cleanup events, and given over $1.8 million to environmental and community nonprofits. We love Hawaii as much as you do, and we want to do everything we can to conserve this beautiful land for future generations.

Long Live the Koa!

Since 2002, we’ve worked on a native forest restoration, replacing the Eucalyptus trees—which are unhealthy for endemic birds and require so much more water to grow that they put an undue burden on the island community—with native Koa trees. Many of those trees have now grown to be over 40 feet tall, and unique species of birds and insects once again have a place to thrive. We will continue these efforts as long as the company is in business.

Adventure Positive. Carbon Neutral.

Since 2006, Skyline Hawaii has been a carbon-neutral company, working with to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. Our goal is to eventually utilize electric vehicles for our tours as technology and funds allow.


By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We want to do something about that, so we started an educational, participatory movement, keeping single-use plastic out of our operations, funding projects designed to clean our shorelines, and reduce overall usage of disposable plastic.

Wipe out Plastic

“We are committed to giving back to this vital community.”

— Danny Boren, Co-Founder

Giving 1% and More.

Skyline is the first zipline operator in the world to join 1% for the Planet—a group of businesses committed to giving at least 1% of all sales back to environmental conservation. And because we take our “Do Good. Have Fun.” mantra very seriously, we also give to multiple other community and health nonprofits just for good measure.
We have planted over 20,000 native trees on Maui.
We use solar panels on our corporate office to reduce energy costs.
We’ve donated $1.8 million to non-profit groups.

A Culture as Rich as the Land.

At Skyline, we’re not just about eco-adventures. Sharing the history and stories of the Hawaiian culture is a key focus of our tours. Each tour and zipline guide is given an environmental and cultural training that includes Hawaiian language fundamentals, information on longstanding Hawaiian cultural traditions like ancient fishponds, and the history of the islands, including the reign of King Kamehameha—who ruled the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1795-1819, through its years as a republic and its annexation to the US in 1898. Hawaii is a stunning place, but it’s not just about beautiful views and lush landscapes. Hawaii is a truly special place because of the people who inhabit the land, and the more our guests know about their culture, the more authentic their experience of the islands will be.

Kama Ľaina: We’re All Family Here.

Every year, Skyline Hawaii donates a day’s worth of zips to local charities serving Maui’s at-risk youth. We’ve donated more than 50,000 pounds of food to local food banks. And because we believe service begins with each one of us, our staff accrues Paid Service Days, allowing them to volunteer in the community while being paid their full wage. It’s all a part of Kuleana, our responsibility to this beautiful land and its even more beautiful people.


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