Legends of Demigod Maui

There are many legends about the demigod Maui. From the top of Haleakala, the highest point on the island, to the ocean surrounding the island, the demigod Maui is said to have impacted life in Hawaii in many ways. Learn more about his legendary feats.

Cultural Uses of Haleakala

Ever since Polynesian seafarers first settled the Hawaiian islands roughly 1,000 years ago, Haleakala has held a central place in Hawaiian culture and spiritual life. Learn more about the cultural significance of the area.

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What is Hosmer’s Grove?

Ralph Hosmer conducted an experiment on Maui beginning in 1909. His goal was to establish a timber industry in Hawaii but his endeavor was not successful. Because of this experiment, Hosmer’s Grove looks much different than the rest of Haleakala National Park.

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Haleakala Ranch

In 1888, a group of Maui businessmen joined together and incorporated the Haleakala Ranch Company. The ranch has been an essential piece of life in Upcountry Maui for more than 125 years. Learn more about the impact of Haleakala Ranch on Maui.

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How Haleakala Formed

Maui was formed out of two volcanoes that were born on a hot spot on the ocean’s floor. With each eruption, the volcanoes spewed a new layer of lava and their summits eventually rose out of the water to become dry land. Haleakalā’s oldest lava flows date back to approximately 1.1 million years ago. 

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Using the Stars as a Guide

The Hawaiian Islands are set in the middle of the largest body of water on Earth, the Pacific Ocean. Because of the minimal amounts of light pollution and the height of the mountain, Haleakala is considered one of the best places on Earth to study the stars. Learn ways the stars are used today and how they were used as a guide in the past.

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The Unique Flora & Fauna of Haleakala

Life in Hawaii was isolated for many millions of years prior to the arrival of the first Polynesian settlers.  Over these millions of years, life arrived in Hawaii with the help of the wind, ocean waves, and birds with wings. Learn more about the unique species that call Hawaii home.

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