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5 Reasons To Spend The Holidays In Hawaii

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The holidays mean snow-covered houses, twinkling pine trees and snuggling up by a warm fire with hot cocoa, right? Well, we don’t want to disparage a great tradition, but what if you could throw on your bikini and snuggle up by a warm...sun in Hawaii to celebrate? It’s time to make some new traditions, and here are a few reasons why. 

#1 Escape to an island paradise.

Those winter blues don’t stand a chance against the natural beauty and wonder of Hawaii. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches, sights, or hikes no matter what island you’re on. Check out Makena Beach (also referred to as Big Beach) in South Beach, Maui, known for being of the largest, undeveloped beaches in Maui! Visit the only green sand beach in the United States at Papakōlea Beach on the Big Island. Spend a day relaxing on the black sand at Waimea Beach in Kauai or there's also the Honokalani Black Sand Beach in Maui. You can practically feel the sand (colored or not!) between your toes and smell the fresh ocean air.

#2 Fight the winter blues with Hawaii’s winter greens, blues and bright yellows.

Absolutely nothing beats the winter blues like the natural beauty and wonder of Hawaii. Once you experience the warm sun, clear water and seemingly endless blue skies, you’ll be ready to take on the new year and the long winter ahead. Visit the unique heart-shaped rock (although it’s more of a heart-shaped hole!) right next to Nakalele Blowhole. Or hike along the Waihee Ridge Trail in the West Maui Mountains for spectacular views. No matter what you do, it’s the perfect way to feed your soul and store up some vitamin D for the winter!

#3 Come for the beginning of whale-watching season.

If you come to Maui during the holiday season, you’re in luck—Whale Watching season begins on December 15th! In the early fall, adolescent males make the trek from Alaska, followed often by pregnant females and mothers with their 1-year old calves. Then, by December, the waters splash with activity from adult males forming “competitive pods,” fighting for the right to mate. There is absolutely nothing like the majesty of a breaching whale, so just seeing it can be quite a gift to give to your whole family. (Because no one needs more socks.)

#4 Discover what family truly means in Hawaiian.

Holidays are a time for families, and a staple in Hawaiian culture is lūʻaus—celebrations that turn strangers into one big “ohana,” or family. Imagine the best family reunion ever, with amazing food like poi, poke and kalua pig, which is pork prepared in an imu, or underground oven and then shredded. And with beautiful Hawaiian music (including the steel guitar, Hawaii’s contribution to country music), chanting and dance, lūʻaus can be a wonderful way to teach the whole family about Hawaii’s native culture.

#5 Entertain the kids with Hawaiian versions of fun holiday activities.

As you can imagine, the holidays are a little different in Hawaii. If you hop over to Wailea Beach in Maui on Christmas Eve morning, Santa arrives in a beautiful throne on an outrigger canoe with some “elves” helping paddle him in. Families have been known to build “Sandmen,” a sandy version of Frosty the Snowman that’s much less likely to melt. Christmas trees look a little different in Hawaii so take the kids to see Lahaina’s famous banyan tree wrapped in Christmas lights on Maui. While you can see the beautiful and deeply rooted banyan trees all over Hawaii, Lahaina’s historic Banyan Tree was brought over in 1873 from India and now spans almost an acre. Experience the magic of walking under the colorfully lit banyan tree! If you are planning a trip to Kauai, make sure to check out the Festival of Lights. It’s a Kauai-style holiday wonderland inside the historic county building, featuring pieces from local artists and trees decorated in themes, such as the SPAM Can Tree! When you're done, beat the crowded malls and busy parking lots and pick out some unique and fun gifts for all your jealous friends and family back on the mainland. It’s the best kind of multi-tasking!

BONUS #6. Adrenaline-pumping fun for the whole family.

It’s often hard to find an activity that the whole family will love, but ziplining above the stunning Hawaiian skyline always does the trick. Add a little family competition and race your daughter, sibling, husband, wife, or any family member on our double line on our 11-line Ka’anapali tour! Experience the top two adventures on beautiful Haleakala in one day with our Sunrise and Zip tour. With free hotel pickup and drop off, continental breakfast, and lunch included, you can focus on making lifelong holiday memories with your family. We’ve got plenty more tours on Kauai, and Maui so give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you plan your Hawaiian holiday adventure! The Hawaiians have a saying - “Hele me kahau ‘oli”. It means “go with joy,” and there’s no greater joy than a vacation in paradise. We hope you and your whole ohana join us in Hawaii for the holidays!