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Elements of a Great Sunrise Tour

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There is no doubt that seeing the sunrise on top of Haleakalā is a must-do when visiting Maui. As an authorized concessioner of Haleakalā National Park, Skyline Hawaii is responsible for providing memorable visitor experiences while protecting Haleakalā's valuable resources. With our commitment to conservation, community, and culture, we provide an unforgettable sunrise tour at Haleakalā National Park. Here are some elements that make our sunrise tours great.

Brand New Vans

Having just started Haleakalā National Park tours this year, our vans are in top condition. They are cleaned and maintained every day to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for your tour. We also have ADA accessible tour vehicles available. Skyline Hawaii Vans

Warm Gear

Being 10,000 feet above sea level can bring unexpected and cold weather patterns. Most people visiting Maui do not think to bring warm clothes, which is why we provide jackets, pants, and gloves when viewing the sunrise at the summit. Though we advise to bring warm clothes to layer, we provide enough warmth to make it through one of the most incredible sunrise experiences ever! The sunrise on Haleakalā will take your breath away and you may not even notice the cold! skyline hawaii gear for sunrise

Cultural Knowledge

Our “Do Good. Have Fun.” motto contains 3 major pillars, with one of them being culture. We have a full-time Cultural Advisor, Kamalu, who grew up on Maui. He provides our staff in-depth knowledge and training to our guides, who then share the experience with our guests, providing them with a fully Hawaiian experience. Having this cultural knowledge provided a better sense of place. Hawaii is so much more than resorts and beautiful beaches. The Hawaiian culture is truly beautiful and intricate and deserves to be shared as much as possible.

Giving Back

As part of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our annual profits to nonprofit organizations who are working towards conservation and preservation of our natural resources. Some of our own conservation programs include Haleakalā Restoration, Zip for the Trees, and Wipe Out Plastic. Our Haleakalā Restoration program work has allowed us to plant more than 5,000 native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. 6 acres of land has been cleared of invasive species and restored with native plants. Our Zip for the Trees event is held each year for the public to zipline on our Haleakalā course and take part in planting a native tree. Wipe Out Plastic is an initiative to inspire others to use less plastic in their daily routines to combat the plastic pollution issue in our oceans. By joining us on a Haleakalā Sunrise tour, you are supporting all of these efforts.