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Haleakala Weather in March

The average temperatures on Maui in March are slightly warmer than in December, January, or February. This is because we are beginning to leave the winter months behind and transition into the warmer summer months. weather on maui graphic The average high at the summit of Haleakalā is 49 degrees and the average low is 32 degrees during the month of March. Although the summit of Mount Haleakalā approaches freezing at night during the month, the rest of the island is very mild. In fact, the average high on Maui is 77 degrees and the average low is 55. There is such a big difference between temperatures near sea level and temperatures at the summit because the temperature drops an average of three degrees for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain. March is a very popular month on the island because many students are on spring break during the middle and end of the month.  A lot of the popular activities on the island sell out early during busy times like spring break. So be sure to book activities like seeing the sunrise, biking down Haleakalā, and ziplining with Skyline Hawaii ahead of time. As you are planning outdoor activities also think about what time of day the activities will take place. It is important to bring a sweater or sweatshirt for early morning and evening adventures anywhere on the island. Also, bring a pair of long pants to wear during chilly times. Dressing appropriately for the weather ensures that you will be comfortable and that you will enjoy your outdoor adventures. About the Author: From sunrise to sunset, Haleakalā National Park and the surrounding Upcountry Maui area offer memories for a lifetime. Make the most of your trip to Haleakalā National Park on a guided tour with Skyline Hawai’i. For more information or to make your reservation today, visit: