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How to Pick the Best Weather Months to Visit Kauai

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Nicknamed the “Garden Isle” for its magically lush appearance, Kauai is considered one of the rainiest places on earth. Over 460 inches of rain fall annually on this tiny Hawaiian island, making it prone of some flooding at certain times throughout the year.

Did you know: Kauai is the oldest, northernmost and fourth largest in the Archipelago. The island of Kauai is just half the size of Delaware.

Like Maui, Kauai features world-class beaches, unparalleled national parks, and of course, first-class zipline adventures. So, when is the best time of year to visit this paradise?

Check Weather Trends Before Booking

The classic mistake most vacationers make when planning a trip to Kauai is to travel when the weather is worst in their hometown. Getting away from snow and ice on the mainland sounds great, but this is most likely not when the weather (or prices) are best anywhere on Kauai. In fact, if you go in winter, you will encounter rainier weather than you might like. You will also pay top dollar for everything, especially if you go over the last two weeks of December. Hawiian rainbow in Kauai

Travel in the Spring or Fall Off-season

When are the best weather months to visit Kauai? If you want the ultimate experience in terms of weather, pricing, and crowds—go in April or May, September or October. Surprisingly, these are also the seasons with the best weather for touring. They are just not as popular with tourists because most children are still in school, making it difficult for families to travel. If you can, leverage these two off-season periods to your vacationing advantage. Waterfall in Kauai With Rainbow and Bird Overhead The benefits of choosing Kauai’s spring and fall seasons for your trip are not purely financial, either. If you travel during these “sweet spot months,” you will enjoy a slower pace across the island and more time at visitor centers. Plus shorter lines at restaurants and attractions. Also, you will get to experience all the gorgeous locales with fewer fellow guests—making your time on this magical island even more intimate and unique.

Choose a Dry Season

Kauai essentially has two seasons: dry and wet. Luckily, the dry season encompasses those sweet spot months in spring and fall. The wet season begins in late fall and runs through winter. Both seasons are warm. Temperatures on land range from 70 to 85 and between 70 and 80 in the ocean, year round. You will not ever experience a cold snap on this balmy isle, but in fall, winter, and early spring, pack a sweater or jacket for nighttime temps in the low 60s. And remember that if you hike, you will encounter colder temperatures at higher elevations. Beautiful ocean view in Kalalau trail, Kauai Island, Hawaii

Book in Advance

For best flight and hotel deals on Kauai during the spring and fall sweet spot months, book as far in advance as possible. Nine months to a year in advance is preferable for optimal pricing on Kauai. If that is not feasible for your timeline, try booking your flights out of cities like San Jose, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, or San Diego. These cities have considerable airline competition for flights to Kauai and offer lower prices. Keep in mind that car rental will be your third largest expense behind hotel and flights, even in spring and fall. But you can save here, too. First, book as early as possible and use alternative car rental sites whenever possible for better deals. Second, plan in advance to avoid Hawaii-only fees like an “excess mud charge” that is easy to incur on a wet island like Kauai. Place newspaper or protection on the car floors when visiting the island’s rainy outdoor sites. Also, get the car washed before returning it to the rental facility. Na Pali coast, Kauai, Hawaii view from sea sunset cruise tour. Nature coastline landscape in Kauai island, Hawaii, USA. Hawaii travel.

Ask a Travel Agent

Also, for a hassle-free Kauai booking experience in spring or fall, consider using a travel agent to secure your flights, hotel, and vehicle. While this may seem outdated with today’s plethora of price comparison websites, a travel agent still has access to packages and deals you simply will not find online. Working with a skilled professional can save you a lot in the long run for a popular location like Kauai. About the Author: Experience the natural wonder of the Hawaiian Islands, via a zipline tour with Skyline Eco-Adventures. Enjoy the Hawaii, Maui and Kauai landscapes through an unforgettable tour. Book your adventure at www.zipline.com, today! Start Planning Your Adventure Now