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Maui's Flowering Jacaranda Trees

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It’s springtime in Hawaii and time for the Jacaranda Trees to flower and show off their amazing purple color.  The Jacaranda tree can be seen in many place throughout Hawaii, however, if you are visiting Maui and have plans to visit Upcountry Maui, there is no better place to witness the amazing color burst of these trees.

The Species is officially called the Jacaranda Mimosifolia and the Origin is from Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The trees can grow from 20-40 feet tall and just about as wide at the peak of their growth maturity.  This impressive growth and span makes for a dazzling show of color when they bloom. In February and March, the trees drop their seed pods and leaves and then in April/May they push out their purple flowers. maui jacaranda trees It is believed that the Jacaranda tree which is not native to the Hawaiian Islands was most likely brought to the island of Maui by Portuguese farmers and ranchers who settled in the Upcountry Maui region including the Kula, Pukalani and Keokea.  A drive on the Kula highway in April and May affords the best opportunity to view the Jacaranda trees in full bloom.  You can also view these magnificent trees on Hwy 377 on your visit to Haleakala National Park.  From Hwy 37 take the Hwy 377 turn signed Haleakala National Park and you will experience one of the most amazing drives and views on Maui. maui jacaranda Photo by Eddie Basques Experience Upcountry Maui and Enjoy the beauty of the Jacaranda!

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