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Misconceptions About Hawaii

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Hawai’i is one of the most isolated places in the world. So, it might seem like life on the islands is different from anywhere else in the world. This can lead to a lot of misconceptions about Hawaii. Here are a few of the most common of those misconceptions.
 Some people think that Hawaii is always warm and sunny

FALSE! The truth is Hawaii actually isn't always sunny and warm

The islands of Hawaii are created by volcanoes meaning that there are dramatic mountains, summits, and shifts in elevation. Some popular tourist destinations in Hawai’i such as the Haleakala Summit and Mauna Kea have average temperatures of 40 to 50 throughout the year. Rain is also a common occurrence in Hawaii since the islands are surrounded by water. It rains somewhere in Hawaii at some point nearly every day. However, weather changes quickly on the islands, so don’t let a few raindrops bring you down. The sky will most likely be clear and sunny before you know it.  

TRUE! You don't need a passport to visit Hawai’i if you are from the United States

While Hawai’i may be approximately 4,000 away from the nearest US state, it is, in fact, a part of the United States. So you do not need a passport to visit Hawai’i if you are a US resident. This makes for a very cool opportunity to visit a unique and tropical landscape without leaving the United States territories.  
Hawaiian pizza is pineapple on pizza

FALSE! Actually, locals don't all love pineapple on pizza

Few people know that Hawaiian pizza was actually created in Canada in 1962. It is called Hawaiian pizza because the canned pineapples used by the original creator came from Hawaii. Pineapple on pizza is a very polarizing topic, and it is not more or less popular in Hawaii than in other states.  
Your cell phone service should work well in most areas of Hawaii if you have a national carrier

FALSE! Actually, your cell phone service will work in most areas of Hawaii

Since Hawaii is a US state, you do not need an international phone plan to have cell service. In fact, all four major carriers are represented in Hawaii (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T). You will have some spotty connections in large national parks or other secluded areas. But, that isn't any different from other states.  
Luau's mainly happen on weekends in Hawaii

TRUE! Luaus really happen every night

Luaus typically include hula dancing, songs, and a large feast. Private Luaus are reserved for special celebrations of Hawaiian tradition and culture and are very formal occasions. But, there are many public Luaus that happen all around the islands on a daily basis. You can purchase tickets for public Luaus online. They are a very popular tourist experience in Hawaii.   The word Hawaiian refers to Hawaiian natives

TRUE! The term Hawaiian does refer to Hawaii Natives

The term “Hawaiian” does not have the same meaning as “New Yorkers” or “Californians”. “Hawaiian” refers to the nationality of native Hawaiians with Polynesian descent. Locals who live in Hawaii but are not from Polynesian descent are not technically Hawaiian. Instead, these people are referred to as kama'aina or Hawaii locals.  
False, it really isn't very easy to travel between islands during your vacation

FALSE! Actually, it isn't very easy to travel between islands if you don't plan ahead

While the islands may look close together on a map, they are not as close as they seem. It's necessary to take a boat or plane between islands. There are no bridges, tunnels, or trains connecting the islands to one another so driving isn't an option. The majority of people choose to travel by plane to get from one island to another. While it is nice to take advantage of your time in Hawaii and island hop, it's helpful to consider the cost of transportation between islands before adding this to your agenda.