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Partner of the Quarter: The East Maui Watershed Partnership

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This summer we are proud to support the East Maui Watershed Partnership as our Partner of the Quarter! Every few months we at Skyline Hawaii choose one of our partners to support through both donations and promoting their work preserving Hawaii’s precious environment and ecosystems, culture and communities. The East Maui Watershed Partnership (EMWP) was created in 1991 to bring together economic, technical and human resources in an effort to protect the now 100,000 acre watershed on the slopes of Maui’s dormant volcano, Haleakalā. Our watersheds are not only our water source but also a source of culture and biodiversity, and the EMWP is committed to protecting this watershed for the people of Maui.

The EMWP’s primary focus is protecting Maui’s native forests to ensure that Maui residents have a clean source of water for domestic, commercial and agricultural uses for current and future generations. This watershed produces an average of 60 billion gallons per year, the largest single source of surface water in the state of Hawaii! The EMWP’s work protecting our native forests and watershed also saves the habitat for many endangered species of birds, bugs, and plants!
The EMWP’s natural resource management plan has included constructing over 7 miles of fencing in remote areas of the watershed, implementing hunting and monitoring programs to protect against invasive ungulates (hoofed animals) and mammals, as well as initiating animal and invasive plant species control programs. Outreach and education are also a large part of the EMWP’s mission of sustaining a healthy watershed for future generations.
The native forested windward slopes of Haleakalā represent the largest intact native forest area on the island of Maui, covering 20% of the entire island! The watershed is home to the world’s largest concentration of endangered birds as well as many plants and invertebrate species found nowhere else on the planet! These healthy and thriving native forests are the most efficient way to naturally filter the surface water that we use every day.
Preserving Hawaii’s native forests is at the top of our list of conservation goals here at Skyline. With the work of our Skyline Conservation Initiative team, we hope to restore all of our Haleakalā zipline course land to native forest in the coming years, providing habitat for native birds and restoring endangered plant species. We wholeheartedly support the EMWP and their work to ensure that the East Maui Watershed remains a viable resource for this and future generations.
Skyline Hawaii is proud to support the East Maui Watershed Partnership’s efforts and their work protecting Maui’s watersheds. If you would like to further support them, you can do so by donating when you book a zipline tour with us! You can also donate directly to the EMWP’s efforts on Maui by going to their website