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Preparing for February Weather in Haleakalā

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Looking for a great escape from your winter blahs? Trade in your snow and ice for a taste of Ho’oilo (the Hawaiian word for winter) this February at Haleakalā National Park. Here’s what you need to know about Haleakalā weather to plan your adventure. Ho’oilo means wetter and cooler season in Hawaiian. That’s exactly what you can expect in February. But don’t let this fact deter you. In Haleakalā National Park, the chance of rain in February still only 15-20%. Rain often falls overnight, greeting you with lower visibility and overcast skies until 10 a.m. For the most part, you’ll still enjoy Maui’s famed warmth. Lower altitude temperatures run in the 70s by day, 55° to 65° at night; however, on the slopes of Haleakalā, expect highs in the low 60s and lows down to 45°. At the summit you might experience snow! The good news is, despite the rain and chillier temperatures, you can still plan on eight solid hours after sunrise in which to explore the park. To enjoy the sunrise in Haleakalā, arrive by 6:55 a.m. early in the month, or by 6:39 a.m. at month’s end. Sunset times will range from 6:21 p.m. to 6:35 pm. Unsure how to pack? Quick-drying clothes and an umbrella are a must for any excursions. A light rain jacket and pants will serve lower altitudes, but for venturing higher, bring a warmer jacket, warmer pants, and sturdy outdoor shoes. About the Author: Skyline Hawai’i is committed to the preservation of Hawaii’s landscape and culture, and we want as many people as possible to experience the natural wonder of the Hawaiian Islands. Learn more about our conservation efforts: