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Transformative Travel Let Your Vacation Change You

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According to The Washington Post, “Transformative Travel” is the newest trend among vacationers.

What’s “transformative travel,” you ask?

It’s when a person doesn’t just travel for fun (although there’s nothing wrong with fun!), they want an experience that will change them in some way. If you climb Kilimanjaro, an 8-day trek that tests even the most advanced climbers, you can’t help but be transformed by stunning terrain, the knowledge and experience of the guides, and the power of doing something you never thought possible.

Different goals for different travelers

Travelers might be looking to unplug and experience the natural world, go beyond their past physical limitations or become more of an advocate for a particular cause. (One woman credits a recent trip to Antarctica to see the shrinking ice caps for her recent climate change activism.) But how do you define “transformation?” We watch movies and read books and often it seems that the character has an epiphany and suddenly their life is totally different. But what we know about our own lives is that transformation takes an annoyingly long time for most of us.Transformative Travel Tip | Different Goals for Different Travelers

Take baby steps

We’ve discovered ziplining, for many, is simply a fun, invigorating and informative activity that is definitely memorable, but might not be life-altering in the long run, aside from creating some amazing lifelong memories. (Which is pretty great on its own!) But for others who may find themselves leaving their comfort zone to stand on a platform hugging a tree, ziplining can be a first step in facing and conquering their fears. Rheanna Badillo, one of our Google reviewers who took the Ka’anapali Zipline Tour, noted “I’m extremely afraid of heights and knowing I had experienced guides helped me quite a bit. They made the tour enjoyable for me!” Eric McIntyre, another reviewer stated it a bit more plainly: “...I’m afraid of heights, and still freaking loved it!” As we’ve seen portrayed ridiculously in the Bill Murray movie “What About Bob?,” psychologists recommend baby steps when facing our fears. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t bungee off a 216-meter bridge. Start with something exhilarating, but not death-defying.Transformative Travel Tip | Take Baby Steps

Knowing you’re in good hands makes a difference

Skyline Zipline Guides have been through an 80-hour training process (twice the industry standard) and as a company, Skyline has overseen over 3.8 million zipline crossings. These kinds of reassuring facts can make a huge difference for someone who’s taking a big leap. For those who are looking for transformative experiences, our team can say with confidence that for many, ziplining in Maui and Kauai can be an invigorating and beautiful way to shift your perspective. We know from experience that the majesty of the Hawaiian landscape can forever change you. We hope that if you join us, gliding over the waterfalls, native flora and lush canyons helps you, like us, realize the importance of conservation in Hawai’i. But if it’s just the most memorable, fun experience you have on your Hawaiian vacation, that’s cool with us, too. Start Planning Your Adventure Now with Skyline Eco-Adventures