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Visiting Maui in the Off-Season

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Some of the best times to visit Maui are when the least amount of people travel there. These periods are called the off-season or low season. They feature the best weather conditions and prices on the island. These off-seasons happen when kids return to school after a break and when the holidays are a long way off. There are two off-seasons on Maui: the spring and the fall. Spring on Maui is from April to mid-June with April and May being the quietest months. The average springtime temperatures on Maui are around 80 degrees. Deals are easy to find on the island during this gap between the busy winter tourist season and the summer rush. Road to Hana, Maui The fall off-season on Maui is from September to November, before Thanksgiving. This is when the summer crowds dissolve and a new season is welcomed on the island. Island temperatures remain in the 80s during this time of year. There are many benefits to visiting during the off-season. You will enjoy the cheapest rates, smaller crowds, many festivals, and awe-inspiring athletic contests when you visit the island during the off-season.

Find the cheapest rates

The least amount of people travel to Maui during the spring and fall, leading to lower prices for airfare, car rentals, and hotel rooms. To save even more money, book flights that depart on weekdays. Also, if you are willing to take a chance, last minute deals can usually be found close to the departure date. Spending less money on transportation means you have more money for the things you want to do on the island. Many hotels offer package deals that combine activities with accommodations. The exact dates of off-season discounts vary from business to business so it is best to check company websites when planning your trip.

Avoid the crowds

Spring and fall are the least crowded times of the year on Maui. The relative lack of crowds will be more pleasant for beach-goers and sightseers alike. While there will always be tourists in Hawaii, you may find advantages to going to popular places during these times of year. For example, there will be less traffic when watching the sunrise at Haleakala National Park. There will also be more availability to book a scenic zipline tour. Also, trips on the Road to Hana are notably scenic during the fall. Fewer tourists on the island means that traffic isn’t as much of an issue along this route.

Learn about the Hawaiian culture

There are several festivals that take place during the spring and fall off-seasons on Maui. These festivals are great opportunities to learn about Maui’s culture and discover a variety of local experiences on the island. Man Playing Steel Guitar at Maui Festival The East Maui Taro Festival is held in April every year. This festival celebrates the Taro as a staple food of the Hawaiian diet. Try poi pounding, lauhala weaving, and eating delicious taro dishes. The Maui Steel Guitar Festival is also held in April. This festival celebrates the Hawaiian Steel Guitar as a unique music genre and offers workshops where you can learn to play. Maui's Onion Festival takes place in May. This festival celebrates the sweet Kula Onion and the many ways it can be used. The famous Aloha Festivals take place in September. This festival occurs for the majority of the month. It celebrates the Aloha Spirit and the traditions of Hawaii. It is the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration in the United States. The Maui County Fair is held at the beginning of October. The fair is a full weekend of carnival rides, parades, and authentic Hawaiian entertainment. The Maui Ukulele Festival is in October. The best ukulele players in Hawaii perform at this annual festival. Bring your lawn chair for an afternoon of music at this event. The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival sets up shop in the Kanaapali Beach Resort Area each October. The event features two full weeks of internationally famous chefs and globally-inspired food offerings.

Be inspired by world-class athletes

The Maui Marathon in October takes runners through a beautiful course from Kahului to Kanaapali. It is considered one of the most scenic courses in America. Participants can attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon at this event. Spectators will find plenty of opportunities to cheer on the runners from vantage points that offer amazing views of the island. Just a couple of weeks later, you can witness the annual XTERRA Games World Championships in Kapalua. This extreme triathlon includes a swim through rough waters, biking through the mountains, and a trail run. The spring and fall off-seasons are wonderful times to come to Maui. Come and enjoy reliably great weather, fantastic prices, and many opportunities to learn about Hawaiian cultural traditions.

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