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What Not To Wear Ziplining Edition

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If you have an upcoming trip to Hawaii, we know there’s already a packing list in your head. Whether your trip is next week or next year, it’s hard to not fantasize about what you’ll wear on our sandy beaches. If you’re planning on ziplining with us, here are some guidelines on what and what not to wear. One note - always check the weather the morning of your tour, just in case it’s supposed to be raining or abnormally hot or cold. For a general rule of thumb, wear or bring layers so you can have the best zipline experience possible! Ziplining Couture 101 Should you wear a dress? To a lÅÊau, absolutely! To zipline? Best to save it for another occasion. The biggest thing you should remember when picking out your outfit is that comfort is key, but also keep in mind you’ll be wearing a safety harness and the leg loops of the harness will be holding all of your weight. Dresses don’t look (or feel) great bunched up under the harness, bottoms such as pants or shorts is advised. Additionally, while Hawaii is known for its warm temperatures and tropical climate, we don’t recommend wearing short shorts. Instead, wear capris, leggings or shorts that reach your knees. Trust us, your legs will thank us later! The harness you’ll be wearing is designed to be safe and durable, and while the harnesses are not uncomfortable, they may rub against your skin if you are wearing shorter shorts. On top, we recommend wearing a short-sleeve shirt or tank top. Extra tip: wear something that will stand out in photos. By standout, we don’t mean wearing a full tuxedo, a cat onesie, or a giant blow-up sumo costume (even though it would be hilarious!) but wearing bright colors will make you “pop” against the lush green and bright blue background. How to accessorize for flying through the skies Feel free to bring your glasses and sunglasses but please make sure they have a strap. We don’t want your glasses to fly off while you’re zipping and get lost in the Hawaiian wilderness below. Speaking of things you don’t want to lose on the tour, consider leaving your bulky, expensive, or dangly jewelry back at the hotel room. Losing your engagement ring while ziplining is the last thing you want to be worrying about as you are gliding over waterfalls, coastal landscapes, or lush mountain valleys. We also consider sunscreen an accessory, especially while you are in Hawaii, so make sure you apply a good layer of sun protection before your tour. We want our tour to memorable because it was a one-of-a-kind experience, not because it’s “that one time I got a really bad sunburn.” Zipper Kicks! Make sure you wear snug-fitting, lace-up shoes with fully-enclosed toes and heel, such as an athletic or hiking shoe. This is important because when you reach the platform at the end of each line, we want to make sure it’s a smooth landing with no chance that your footwear choice could adversely affect your toes! We hope it goes without saying that you should leave the high heels, rollerblades, clogs, and crocs at home but you also shouldn’t wear Tevas, Chacos, TOMS, lace-free converse or any other shoe that doesn’t fully protect your feet! If you are worried about your shoe choice, we’ve put some examples of dos and don'ts in our Shoe Rules. Less Duck Face, More “Unadulterated Joy” Face: Zipping and Phones Yes, we added a whole section about what to do with your precious phone! We know you love your phone, but our goal is to make our tours so fun that you’ll forget you even own a phone! Feel free to bring it on the tour to snap photos but please don’t Snapchat while you’re zipping. We’ve been on many a hike searching for phones and you’ll find they’re significantly less fun than the zip tours. If you really really need to have your phone out while zipping, we do sell phone holders with straps so you can snap away with your one free hand. We also have fanny packs for phone storage if you’re the “just live it, don’t Instagram it” type. Our number one tip is to make sure you’re comfortable… you’ll have a lot more fun if you are! That being said, we’re super-serious about the closed-toe shoe thing. Really. This is our serious face. We hope to see you on a tour soon! Mahalo! Start Planning Your Adventure Now with Skyline Eco-Adventures