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What to Wear While Ziplining

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We provide all of the gear you need for your big ziplining adventure such as your harness and helmet. In addition to the required gear, you will have the option to rent a GoPro camera to use during your adventure if you want to capture the excitement. Because of the harness that goes over your clothes, you will want to make sure the clothes you arrive in are comfortable and are suitable for ziplining. This will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible while enjoying your tour with us.


Closed-toed shoes are required for ziplining. There is plenty of hiking and walking involved with the tour so closed-toe shoes will make you more comfortable during this portion of the adventure. Proper shoes are also important because when you come in for the landing at the end of a zipline, your feet can barely keep up with you. Closed-toe shoes will ensure that you do not hurt your feet while you are landing. Finally, closed-toe shoes will stay on while you’re soaring through the air. This is very important because no one likes to lose shoes during an adventure.


Long pants or capris are recommended for ziplining. Longer shorts can be doable for men, but women who wear shorts can sometimes experience discomfort during the ride if the harness straps dig into the skin on their legs. The straps can cause discomfort if you are not wearing appropriate bottoms because all of your weight rests on the leg loops of the harness while you are flying on the line. The harness straps are designed to be safe and durable, but not necessarily comfortable. So, you will want to create a barrier of clothing between your skin and the strap. Women will sometimes wear leggings for extra comfort and movability while ziplining.


Skyline-May-2015 The sun can be very intense on our Kaanapali, Big Islandand Kauai zipline courses, so short sleeve shirts and tank tops are advised. On the other hand, our Haleakala course is located at a higher elevation. This fact can lead to cooler temperatures in the morning. We recommend that you bring a jacket or sweater for the Haleakala tour just in case it is a bit cooler or here is some cloud cover on the course. Wearing the appropriate clothing for your ziplining adventure will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time!

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