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Why can’t you go scuba diving before ziplining?

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Zipline customers for our Skyline Haleakala and Skyline Ka’anapali zipline courses must not go scuba diving within the 24 hours leading up to their scheduled zipline tour time.

This restriction is due to the drastic elevation change between being submerged deep down into the depths of the ocean and being up high on a volcano. Both of our Maui zipline courses (Haleakala and Ka’anapali) are located at high enough elevations that this dramatic elevation change poses a risk to your health. This health risk is called decompression sickness. It is “a condition that results when sudden decompression causes nitrogen bubbles to form in the tissues of the body. It...can cause pain in the muscles and joints, cramps, numbness, nausea, and paralysis.” according to Be sure to not confuse snorkeling with scuba diving. You can go snorkeling anytime before ziplining. This is because when you snorkel, you stay near the surface of the water. The only gear that you need for snorkeling is a mouthpiece and goggles. Snorkeling does not require any training because it is not nearly as risky as scuba diving. Scuba diving, on the other hand, is a total immersion into the ocean. Rather than using a simple mouthpiece like you do for snorkeling, you have a pack of compressed air on your back that you use to breathe while you are exploring. Contrary to snorkeling, there is a lot of gear and training required for scuba diving. There is no restriction for going scuba diving after you go ziplining, so that is good news if you have your heart set on exploring the ocean depths while in Hawaii. Also, if you booked a zipline tour on our Skyline Poipu (on Kauai) zipline course or our Skyline Akaka Falls (on Big Island) zipline course, you do not have to follow any scuba diving restrictions prior to ziplining. The elevation of these two courses are much lower than our Maui zipline courses. Do you have other questions related to our zipline tours? Check out this blog featuring the most common questions we hear from our guests. Start Planning Your Adventure Now