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Wipe Out Plastic with the Three R's

Many people make new years resolutions at the start of a new year, but by now most people’s original resolutions have trailed off. This year, we challenge you to set a maintainable resolution that will help yourself and our planet. This year we encourage you to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle -- in that order -- more than you ever have before. Resolving to stop using plastic poses a huge challenge for many reasons. Plastic is commercially used for so many products. So, a much more doable feat for many people is to start their plastic elimination journey by reducing plastic use.

Reduce plastic use

Reduce your plastic use includes especially single-use plastics such as straws and bags but also things you can use for a few more times like Tupperware containers, reusable plastic bottles, and totes. The fact is that eventually, even items that are made of durable plastic, break for one reason or another and when that happens they end up getting thrown into the trash instead of the recycling bin. If you look for ways to phase out plastic in your daily life by not replacing your reusable plastic water bottle with a new plastic bottle but instead choosing a reusable glass or metal water bottle it will make a big difference in the long run. You can even buy eco-friendly garbage bags. Also, pay attention to the recycle numbers on the items you purchase, some plastics are much harder to recycle than others and many places don’t have a program for recycling these less common types of plastic. Avoid purchasing these hard to recycle products as much as possible. Reuse plastic products If you have a lot of plastic products, reuse them as many times as you can instead of using them one time and then throwing them away. You can upcycle them or recycle them when they can no longer serve their original purpose but please don’t just throw these plastic items in the trash can when you can no longer use them. Instead, always make sure you recycle. Recycle plastic That brings us to our third resolution challenge; recycle every day. If you have garbage that needs to be recycled at a restaurant or store but don’t see an appropriate recycling bin, ask someone to assist you- chances are they are not aware of the issue of guests not being able to find the recycling bin. Recycle at home, too. If you are unsure of what you can and cannot recycle ask Google or Siri! Many recycling resource materials are available online. Amazon’s Alexa even wants to get in on saving the world. You can use Alexa’s skills to help you lead a greener lifestyle this year. Have Fun in Hawaii It is important to reward yourself and your family for doing good by having fun! Think about planning a family vacation to Hawaii where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful blue water that you are working so hard to protect. Check out our zipline tours where you will learn more about how beautiful and unique our world really is. As you can see reducing, reusing, and recycling is as important as doing good and having fun! Will you join us on this mission to Wipe Out Plastic and save the oceans? Start Planning Your Adventure Now