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Trilogy Sailing BlueAina Reef Cleanup

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Each month in 2017 Skyline will be featuring an organization that we partner with to Do Good and Have Fun.  For March, we chose Trilogy Sailing Blue‘Aina Reef Cleanup.

Skyline was the corporate sponsor for Trilogy’s Blue ‘Aina campaign event on Sunday, March 5th, marking the 3rd year in a row Skyline has been a corporate sponsor. We chose the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project as the recipient of the $1,000 non-profit donation because we truly believe in protecting Hawaii’s native birds. You will even see this displayed at our Haleakala course. Each line has a corresponding placard dedicated to one of these special birds.

If you are booked on our Skyline Haleakala zipline tour, feel free to ask our guides for more information about these as they are happy to share! Past recipients from Skyline’s Blue'Aina campaign corporate sponsorship included the Pink Paddlers and the Pacific Cancer Foundation on Maui. skyline eco-adventures   We met at Lahaina Harbor and sailed North all the way to Honolua Bay where we slipped on our snorkel gear and proceeded to check the reef for any trash. After snorkeling, we chowed down on delicious eats from the food sponsor of the day – Diamonds Resorts. Mmm!

Objective:  Cleanup and maintain Maui’s reefs, educate the community, and raise money for non-profits. Trilogy offers monthly underwater reef cleanups targeting reefs in distress on Maui.

Blue ‘Aina Highlights
  • Started back in 2010 as a response to clean up the tsunami trash originating from Japan.
  • In 2017, Trilogy is going to focus efforts on helping selected non-profits where they need the most support.
  • Helped over 90 local non-profits on Maui.
  • Started with only 1 cleanup a year and now conducts 13 each year.
  • Trilogy is the oldest family owned and operated Maui activity and sailing business starting back in 1973.
Monthly Blue‘Aina Campaign
  • Involves a catamaran, crew, and snorkel gear donated by Trilogy, along with certified divers to help with the reef cleanup.
  • A corporate sponsor agrees to donate $1,000 to a non-profit recipient of their choosing.
  • A caterer donates food for the attendees.
  • Representatives from the non-profit attend to talk about their organization and receive the donation check.
  • Up to 40 volunteers pay a $20 donation to participate in the boat trip and reef cleanup.
skyline eco-adventures Skyline's organizations of the month are committed to environmental causes with a mission of preserving and protecting Hawaii’s fragile Eco-system. Not only will we help educate our audience about the background of the organization and the good things they are up to, but we will also provide information on how you can get involved in helping to make a difference! If you are off-island or choose to help in a financial way we will also provide an option for our guests to donate a small portion to the monthly organization upon booking your upcoming zipline tour! Start Planning Your Adventure Now