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Why are there Weight Requirements for Ziplining?

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There are many questions related to safety that come to mind for someone who is considering ziplining for the first time. It makes sense because ziplining isn’t something that you experience during your normal day to day activities. You want to have an unforgettably fun time and you don’t want to have to worry about anything other than taking in every sensory second of your adventure. We will help you with all of this! At Skyline Eco-Adventures, we take your safety very seriously and have many rules in place to keep you safe while you are flying through the air. One of these rules is our weight requirement.

Minimum Weight

All of our zipline courses have a minimum weight requirement and a maximum weight limit. The minimum weight requirement is in place because if a rider is too light they might slow down to the point of stopping in the middle of a zipline. The point of the adventure is to fly through the air like Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie, and there needs to be enough weight on the line to accomplish that. So, all riders must weigh at least 80 pounds in order to participate in our Skyline Ka'anapali, Skyline Akaka Falls, and Skyline Kauai, Poipu 8-line tours. Also, all riders must weigh at least 60 pounds in order to participate in our Skyline Haleakala, Skyline Haleakala Sunrise Bike n' Zip, and Skyline Kauai, Poipu 5-line tour.

Maximum Weight

All of our equipment tested to hold at least 5,000 pounds which about as heavy as a Ford F-150. So, The maximum weight limit doesn’t represent what zipline cable can hold. Instead, the maximum weight limit is in place because the heavier a rider is, the faster he or she will travel. It is important to be under the maximum weight limit to prevent hitting the landing pad too quickly and risking an injury. So, all riders must weigh under 260 pounds in order to participate in our Skyline Ka'anapali, Skyline Akaka Falls, Skyline Kauai Poipu, and Skyline Haleakala tour. For your safety, our weight requirement policy is strictly enforced. Please keep in mind that all participants will be weighed at check-in. Those who do not meet our weight restrictions will not be allowed to zip.

About the Author: Skyline Eco-Adventures is Hawaii’s most experienced zipline operator. Feel confident providing your family with a safe and fun adventure during your island stay. To reserve a zipline tour or for more info, visit: Start Planning Your Adventure Now